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Electronic Repairs
We perform professional repairs on a variety of electronic equipment.

We do in-shop repairs only. No in-home service.
We collect an estimate fee when you drop the unit off based on the type of equipment (See Table Below)
The estimate fee in non-refundable and will be applied against the repair total if you approve the repair.

Estimate Fee Cost
Audio Equipment $40.00 + tax
Professional Audio Equipment (Amplifiers, Mixers, etc.) $50.00 + tax
Audio Equipment with Vacuum Tubes (Amplifiers, Receivers, etc.) $60.00 + tax
VCRs $40.00 + tax
DVD Players $40.00 + tax
DVD/VCR Combos $50.00 + tax
Professional Video Equipment (Commercial VCRs, Editors, Time-Lapse, etc) $60.00 + tax
We are no longer performing repairs on any TVs or Monitors

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